SPAR Pakistan supports tree planting initiatives

April 20, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Climate, Environment, Responsible retailing

In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), SPAR Pakistan planted 1,000 mangrove trees in Sandspit, Karachi, last year. Pakistan has an ambitious programme of tree planting, running from 2018-2023 to plant ten billion trees in this period. SPAR Pakistan is committed to continuing to support that project and will run more tree-planting initiatives in the future.

Community-focused tree planting

In this spirit of sustainability, SPAR Pakistan ran a ‘Buy a Bag, Plant a Tree’ campaign promoting the use of eco-friendly reusable bags to raise funds for the tree planting initiative. Through the sales of these bags, donations, and company funding, SPAR Pakistan raised money to buy 1,000 trees. The partnership with WWF saw a dedicated plantation realised at the WWF Wetland Centre & Reserve.

The youngest customer was also included in a period focusing on sustainability. An art competition encouraged children to submit drawings at their local SPAR Supermarket, with the artwork highlighting the planting of trees.

International tree planting

SPAR International launched a campaign to promote tree planting in celebration of the 90th year of SPAR’s founding in 1932. Partnering with various institutions, SPAR country organisations have embraced this campaign and continue to increase the number of trees planted internationally with over 37,000 trees planted to date. The tracker on our website is continually updated as more trees are planted in communities around the world.

Source: SPAR Pakistan

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About SPAR Pakistan

The licence for SPAR in Pakistan was granted on 1 January 2017 to Galaxy International, a private company owned by the Burque Group – a diverse business with experience in FMCG distribution.


The brand’s entry into Pakistan has seen the development of stores in the country’s largest city, Karachi. SPAR multi-format stores, ranging from small convenience to supermarkets, continue to develop across the country.


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