SPAR Norway’s independent retailer Bjørn Bendiksen celebrates a team victory!

October 5, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Awards and prizes

“It was a very emotional moment when EUROSPAR Tomasjord was announced as the winner of ‘Shop of the Year’. I must admit that I shed a tear”, smiles Bjørn Bendiksen, owner of the supermarket when interviewed recently.

EUROSPAR Tomasjord in Tromsø is one of the largest stores in SPAR Norway, with more than €21 million in revenue and 2,300m2 selling area.  85 employees work together to ensure ongoing success. A key success factor for Bjørn is the direct contact with customers which is evident by the fact that after it became known that the store was awarded ‘Shop of the Year’ customers were almost queuing to congratulate SPAR retailer Bjørn Bendiksen, Store Manager Freddy Svendsen and their team.

Better together, the staff is key

The EUROSPAR Supermarket has grown steadily over the last decade, and is constantly setting new sales records. Customers are well aware of the diverse instore offer, the innovative promotional activity and the local community involvement in which EUROSPAR is involved.

“We are so lucky that we have the ability to run our own marketing campaigns as well as to benefit from national promotions. We have daily deals, with prices that even make discounters tremble! Every day we have advertisements on the front and back of both the local papers.

“There is no doubt that the winning factor is our staff. We have highly motivated employees who work hard to give our customers a premium shopping experience. Our basic philosophy is to involve the employees, inform and give them responsibility – we see that they grow from this approach. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to work in different parts of the shop.

“It is of course very satisfying to get daily positive feedback from our customers, hearing that they enjoy the good working environment which prevails among the employees”, said Freddy and Bjørn.

As a third generation retailer, Bjørn has grown up in a store environment, and has himself worked as a retailer for 44 years. But he has no plans to step down.

“I really enjoy being in the supermarket, meeting people and absorbing the atmosphere – it’s wonderful. In order to succeed in food retail, you must be passionate about” adds Bjørn.

Be present instore – that’s where it happens!

Freddy and Bjørn spend most of their time in the supermarket, among customers and employees, continually reviewing the full offer. It is essential to keep up with what is happening.

Bjørn says: “Together we manage to find good solutions and come up with good ideas; that’s why this award is as much a victory for each employee, as it is for Freddy and I”.

The local store must offer local food

One of the things that EUROSPAR Tomasjord focus strongly on is locally produced food. And those locally produced goods are often used as promotional items – at very good prices for the customer.

“We are concerned about local producers and products – after all we all live locally. It is important that locally produced food is not just a supplement, but that the local producers also can make money and a living. Therefore, we use a lot of local goods – especially in our dinner meal range. Our customers appreciate it – they like supporting local producers. Some promotions are so popular that it can be difficult for the producers to deliver enough products” concludes Bjørn.

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