SPAR Netherlands raises funds for one tree planted campaign

July 22, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Environment

One initiative to highlight the 90th anniversary of the SPAR Brand, founded in The Netherlands in 1932, is to plant trees in collaboration with One Tree Planted around the world. SPAR Netherlands also joined the programme and ran a campaign from 26 May to 22 June to raise funds for tree planting and create awareness with customers.

During this promotion period, a contribution was earned from sales of specified products to customers. SPAR Netherlands supplemented the monies generated, increasing the amount to a total of €9,000. This sum will go towards a regenerative farming initiative underway in Portugal, planting diverse trees on two selected sites in Alentejo. Their local community will benefit from the trees which are planted and cared for through this donation.

Giving back to communities

This year, as we look back at 90 years of the SPAR Brand, we have taken action at both a local and international level by coming together to plant thousands of trees in SPAR communities worldwide. SPAR has always had a close affinity and connection to trees and the environment. Not only is a Fir tree an inherent element of our identity, but we have always prided ourselves on being a sustainable retailer focused on giving back.

The regeneration project in Alentejo is just one of the globally managed tree planting initiatives from One Tree Planted, a non-profit environmental charity with whom SPAR internationally is partnering under this programme. Since the launch of this initiative, over 12,500 trees have been planted with the goal of giving back to our local communities. Another market that has already planted trees as part of this initiative is SPAR Albania. The tracker on our site is being updated as more trees are planted in communities around the world.

Source: SPAR Netherlands

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About SPAR Netherlands

The SPAR Brand was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by the Dutch wholesaler Adriaan van Well and 16 independent retailers. It was established as a voluntary chain of grocers under the name DESPAR – an acronym of a slogan created by van Well to describe the organisation: Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig, which translates in English to All benefit from joint co-operation regularly.

The Head Office and Distribution Centre are in Waalwijk, from where support is provided for stores operating throughout the country.

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