SPAR Netherlands promotes primary producers and local specialities

August 12, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Own Brand and Suppliers, Sourcing

SPAR is committed to providing customers with a wide range of foods that are locally and sustainably sourced. SPAR Netherlands CEO John van der Ent recently called on fellow retailers and consumers to consider the journey our food makes from farm to plate. Eating locally produced foods is not only more environmentally sustainable but provides real support to local primary producers and traditions.

Supporting local artisans

SPAR Netherlands takes this commitment to local sourcing seriously. For example, their agreement with bakery co-operative Top Bakers sees the company partner with over 42 local bakers. This ensures the availability of fresh specialities that meet the highest quality standards in SPAR stores nationwide. This collaboration provides these local bakers with another avenue to market and ensures valuable baking skills and techniques are preserved.

Sustainable sourcing

SPAR Netherlands has been ahead of the curve in committing to supporting local primary producers. In 2011, the company launched a range of products labelled ‘SPAR uit de streek’ (SPAR regional range) sourced from local farmers and small-scale producers. Favourites such as fruit juices, cheeses, and condiments have been added to this SPAR Own Brand range in the Netherlands to meet customer needs. The range was re-branded in 2017 under the label ‘echt dichtbij SPAR’ and the stories behind the producers highlight the passion behind the product. Examples include farmer’s cheese produced on a historic farm in Kouderkerk aan den Rijn. Milk is sourced from a farmer also generating green energy on the farm. Condiments are sourced from a small-scale producer in Zierikzee using 100% solar power for their production. Smaller producers can, through SPAR, successfully bring their products to market under a renowned and trusted brand.

Better together

At SPAR, we work across the globe to learn from each other. By using our scale to reduce our environmental footprint, we can find sustainable solutions and collaborate with other organisations in the food retail sector to gain maximum impact. To read more about SPAR International’s responsible retailing strategy, have a look at our 2020 annual review.

Source: SPAR Netherlands

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About SPAR Netherlands

The SPAR Brand was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by the Dutch wholesaler, Adriaan van Well and 16 independent retailers. It was established as a voluntary chain of grocers under the name DESPAR – an acronym of a slogan created by van Well to describe the organisation: Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig, which translates in English to All benefit from joint co-operation.

The Head Office and Distribution Centre (DC) are located in Waalwijk, from where support is provided for the almost 450 stores in operation.