SPAR Netherlands opens new store in Eindhoven

March 10, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

In the heart of Eindhoven’s artistic and shopping district, known as Quartier Vivant (the lively neighbourhood), a new SPAR City Store was opened on 25 February. The store is centrally located, close to one of the top three shopping streets in Eindhoven.

The SPAR store received warm reactions at the opening, with customers expressing delight at this vibrant, modern store with a welcoming feel and pleasant, easy to navigate layout. The range of products available is especially appreciated, bringing a much needed addition to the neighbourhood.

Independent retailer, Wim van Kuppeveld, is proud of his SPAR store, which offers an excellent range of items catering to passers-by, residents and people working in the area.

Food-to-Go items, hot drinks and fresh food are some of the store’s main attractions. The City Council of Eindhoven welcomed the opening of the SPAR City Store, fitting in as it does with their plans to enhance the quality of life in the city centre, ensuring the area is an attractive location for young urban dwellers.

The new SPAR store offering includes a range of delicious ready-made meals and snacks, fresh fruit juices and yoghurt cups, as well as freshly prepared sandwiches available both at breakfast and lunch. An attractive solution for consumers is the popular meal deal, offered at great value for money.

Customers can do their daily shopping and buy delicious, baked-on-site bread. They can also find ready-to-cook and eat meals for great evening meal convenience.

Mr van Kuppeveld is bursting with ideas and energy, which SPAR Netherlands is confident will make his new SPAR store a great success. A lifelong retailer, he lives in Eindhoven with his family. Together with his brother, Wim took over a SPAR store in Haps several years ago. After first experimenting with other retail brands, he has now returned to SPAR as his brand of choice.