SPAR Netherlands: New initiatives and store openings

April 11, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Digital and Marketing, Store openings

With a focus placed on store refurbishment and expansion, SPAR Netherlands continues to keep up with market trends with new innovations and community initiatives. In this article, we take a look at the ongoing roll-out of the SPAR Express format in the Netherlands with the opening of the latest SPAR Express forecourt store, we introduce the new Skippen payment feature that has been launched in a university campus store, and we touch on the valuable connecting role that SPAR Netherlands is playing in local communities.

The 25th SPAR Express forecourt store

SPAR Netherlands has celebrated the opening of its 25th SPAR Express forecourt store. Located at a Texaco filling station in Krommenie-Zuid, the store forms part of the agreement between SPAR and EG Group to convert all Texaco forecourt shops in the Netherlands to the SPAR Express format.

SPAR and EG Group are working at a fast pace with the aim of opening two new SPAR Express stores a week over the coming months. According to the plans, the conversion of all locations should be completed by the beginning of 2019.

The product offering is being tailored to each individual site, taking into account the role and location of each SPAR Express store. The stores will cater to both customers on the go as well as to the local community.

The SPAR Express format is operated in many countries worldwide. In the Netherlands, SPAR Express is exclusively operated in partnership with EG Group.

SPAR University store introduces mobile payment solution

SPAR Netherlands recently introduced a new cashless payment solution, Skippen, at the SPAR university store in Utrecht. Customers can now use a new mobile payment feature in the SPAR university app, without having to checkout at a cash register.

With Skippen, customers can place products in their digital shopping cart by scanning them with their phones. Once done, they can conveniently pay with a mobile payment service linked to the SPAR university app. Customers who pay digitally can also receive rewards, such as a free coffee or lunch.

Through analysing the purchasing data of customers utilising this app, SPAR Netherlands will continue to adapt and tailor the retail offer per location. To date, the SPAR university app has been installed on 25,000 smartphones.

SPAR wants to roll out Skippen at all nine SPAR university campus stores in the Netherlands by the end of this year. The university stores were also the first SPAR stores in the Netherlands to be equipped exclusively with self-scanning checkouts.

Watch this new video, which shows how Skippen works.

SPAR brings people together

A new service, launched at six SPAR stores in the Netherlands, is helping to bring community members together in Dutch cities and towns. SPAR has joined forces with local organisations WeHelpen (WeHelp) and Samen dementievriendelijk (support for people with dementia) to create a support network not only for the growing elderly population but also for those living with dementia and their caregivers.

SPAR stores in the Netherlands have traditionally played an important role in bringing people together in their local communities, supporting initiatives for both young and old. Continuing with this tradition, six SPAR retailers are now connecting those in need with people who can help with tasks like grocery shopping, dog walking, and/or cooking.

SPAR retailers and staff at the six participating stores have received training so that they can recognise customers suffering from dementia and apply skills to connect with them in a positive way. SPAR Netherlands will assess the current pilot phase, due to continue until July, before rolling it out to further SPAR stores in the country.  For more information, visit

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About SPAR Netherlands

SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by the Dutch wholesaler, Adriaan van Well and 16 independent retailers. It was established as a voluntary chain of grocers under the name “DESPAR”. By the end of the 1950s, SPAR was the largest food organisation in the Netherlands.

Today, the SPAR Partner continues to grow the brand in the country with a focus on high footfall locations. It has set a strong programme in place for the refurbishment of SPAR Supermarkets, the launch of new city stores and entry into forecourt retailing with the SPAR Express format.