SPAR Latvia open stores in three different cities

January 15, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Latvia opened new stores in three cities nationwide, building its market presence in new locations. The stores meet the needs of shoppers seeking both convenience and innovation. The retailer continues to focus on increasing access to products that are sourced locally, while creating a stronger retail network, and building the private label range, procuring own label products within the SPAR network.

SPAR Latvia recently opened a renovated supermarket in Rēzekne. The reconstruction aims to enhance the overall shopping experience by expanding the product range, providing customers with a one-stop shop. The store offers a diverse selection of fresh and delicious pastries daily, highlighting SPAR’s commitment to convenience and quality.

A SPAR store opened on Riga’s Meža prospect which was developed using an innovative concept. This new style is set to be implemented for future store openings. SPAR Latvia is actively working on augmenting its private label range, incorporating products sourced through the international retail network.

In the town of Ropaži, another SPAR store with a sales area of 200m² opened. This store is staffed by eight employees who are all dedicated to providing excellent service to customers.

As part of its growth strategy, SPAR Latvia places a special emphasis on the development of SPAR own brand selections and the broadening of its product range. There is a focus on increasing the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables available and all stores aiming to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Furthermore, the retailer actively supports local producers, procuring a growing range of goods.

Source: SPAR Latvia

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About SPAR Latvia

SPAR International in 2021 also granted a licence to operate the brand in Latvia to S&P Logistics, which founded SPAR Latvia with the vision of uniting independent retail groups to collaborate in the face of growing international discount competition. SPAR in Latvia will offer consumers a high-quality, modern, and relevant food shopping experience.


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