SPAR Italy partner Maiora supports cancer awareness initiative

October 17, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

For the second year, SPAR Italy regional partner Maiora (DESPAR Centro-Sud) supports Komen Italia's cancer awareness initiative. This programme brings ‘La Carovana della Prevenzione’ (The Caravan of Prevention), to locations where people can get free breast, urological and endocrinological screenings.

Health protection is one of the main welfare initiatives supported by Maiora, regional partner, DESPAR Centro-Sud Italy. Maiora aligns with Goal No. 3 of the UN 2030 Agenda regarding health and wellbeing for all. Maiora supports a breast cancer awareness programme in October and November through Komen Italia’s “Caravan of Prevention”. Komen Italia is a non-profit organisation which runs a series of initiatives in the fight against breast cancer. Its mission is to develop a conscious attitude toward the importance of cancer prevention.

Prevention information and screening centre

The car parks of five city outlets in the DESPAR Centro-Sud network are transformed into a prevention information centre. In mobile units, qualified personnel use high-tech equipment to carry out free breast, urological, and endocrinological screenings for women and men. The campaign aims to convey the importance of prevention and make available free screenings to prevent breast cancer.

The initiative will take place during October, a month traditionally dedicated to prevention, and extend into November. The campaign involves no less than five locations in four regions of Central and Southern Italy. It will start in Puglia, on 4 October in the city of Corato and on 5 October in Giovinazzo. This will be followed by Basilicata with the store in Melfi on 25 October. Abruzzo and Calabria will then see the Caravan stop respectively in Pescara on 7 November. The last stop is in Rende, taking place on 13 November.

“Helping to raise awareness about prevention,” explains Pippo Cannillo, President and CEO of Maiora, “for us means educating about the most precious asset we have: life. We have chosen to renew our collaboration with Komen Italia and the ‘Caravan of Prevention’ for the second year precisely because we espouse the values of this initiative. As an important addition, we have increased the number of locations and extended the diagnostic tests to men as well as women’.

Source: Despar Centro-Sud

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