SPAR International supports sustainability with SPAR Eco range

November 24, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Own Brand and Suppliers

SPAR International is supporting environmental prosperity for all with its Eco range, consisting of home care and disposable tableware products. Supporting SPAR’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the range aims to reduce the negative impacts of production and waste on the environment.

SPAR Eco home care range

The range of home care cleaning solutions offer customers safe and effective products without harmful or toxic ingredients. The plant-based SPAR Eco home care range includes allergen-free options and is ideal for customers with sensitive skin (neutral pH).

According to market researcher IGD, shoppers are looking to retailers to assist them in living more sustainably. By introducing this range, SPAR is meeting this customer need and reducing its environmental impact. The range includes products that are packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

Edge by Ascential advises that shoppers are increasingly loyal to eco-friendly and sustainable products that demonstrate a strong commitment to strict standards. This trend is reflected in sales of SPAR Eco home care products by some SPAR retailers in Belgium. In the first months of 2021, 18% of consumers surveyed in SPAR stores in Belgium opted for an ecological detergent, of which 75% chose to buy the SPAR Eco variant.

The bold symbol on the instore signage ensures that the SPAR Eco home care products can be easily located by customers seeking an alternative to traditional choices. Information about the eco products is also communicated to customers through instore POS materials.

SPAR Eco disposable range

Integrating sustainable options in SPAR’s own brand products is just one part of SPAR’s responsible retailing strategy. In addition to the home care products, the SPAR Eco Disposable line of cutlery and biodegradable tableware uses responsibly sourced materials that are both renewable and compostable and meet EU legislation.

The range is both practical and affordable, making it easier and convenient for customers to put the environment first. The SPAR Eco disposable tableware range is perfect for outdoor activities or consuming food on the go.

The select SPAR Eco product range, introduced in 2019, is just another example of continuous innovation in SPAR’s own brand offering. Recent innovations by the retailer, which operates 13,500 stores worldwide, include the organic SPAR Natural and SPAR N°1 Value ranges.

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