SPAR International launches SPAR ENJOY healthy food-to-go solution

November 20, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles, Health, Store openings

SPAR ENJOY was officially launched at the opening of SPAR Lamot in Mechelen, Belgium, developed in collaboration with SPAR International. This food service solution provides customers with a variety of healthy meals to go which are prepared using only fresh ingredients.

Healthy eating and nutrition are key priorities for a better lifestyle. Alongside this, customers are continuously becoming more conscious of what they eat, and are looking for healthy, sustainable alternatives.


SPAR ENJOY is the new healthy food-to-go solution from SPAR International to bring customers a diverse range of fresh, simple, and tasty meals to support a healthy lifestyle while on the move. SPAR ENJOY uses fresh, all-natural ingredients instore to provide meals for customers throughout the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This fully customisable SPAR-branded convenience food service offering that SPAR International has developed under the SPAR ENJOY brand is an exclusive concept which allows SPAR retailers to increase healthier eating solutions in their stores.

Customer choices

Digital screens behind the counter display the menu which is on offer at the SPAR ENJOY counter instore. Customers can order from a selection of boxes, bowls, and wraps which have set ingredients, and are prepared by qualified culinary staff instore. Customers can also customise their own meal using the freshest seasonal ingredients available instore. Additionally, there is a selection of convenient chilled and hot meals that have been pre-made instore and are ready for customers to grab and go straight off the shelves. The selection provides both meat, vegetarian and fully vegan options for customers as well.

On the opening of the first SPAR ENJOY foodservice counter, SPAR Lamot Store Owner Kristof Merckx said: “We are also launching a SPAR ENJOY offer, a brand-new concept that we strongly believe in. This allows customers to enjoy a balanced lunch with us.”

“If you’re short on time, you can choose from ready-made preparations: from soups and smoothies to shakshuka and oatmeal, there’s something for everyone.”

Plug and play solution

SPAR International has several food service solutions which can be easily adapted when implementing in the variety of stores which SPAR country organisations operate, in line with our multi-format retail strategy. The simple plug-and-play food service solutions have been tailored to meet customer needs and complement concepts already available in national markets.

The SPAR ENJOY solution offers retailers a number of benefits:

  • It is fully customisable for local market needs in terms of product range and language.
  • Suggestions include top sellers in convenience foods and on-trend.
  • Implementation is supported from start to finish utilising international best practice.
  • There is a focus on delivering increased customer footfall and sales for retailers, as well as value for money for customers.
  • A network of suppliers are available to support installation, communication and brand building.

Source: SPAR International, SPAR Retail Partners Belgium

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