SPAR International chooses RELEX Solutions to optimise its supply chain

July 7, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing, Environment, Responsible retailing

SPAR International has signed a preferred supplier agreement with RELEX Solutions, a provider of integrated retail and supply chain planning solutions.

RELEX has been chosen as a preferred supplier for forecasting and replenishment, pricing, promotion, space management (floor planning and planogramming), and workforce optimization. SPAR country organisations are now able to access all of this expertise.

Through this mutually beneficial agreement, SPAR’s supply chain efficiency, food waste reduction, and ensuring delivery of the right products to stores at the right time will be enhanced. RELEX aims to expand its partnership with SPAR country organisations and empower them to improve their availability and service levels, plus significantly reduce their costs, waste, as well as manual work through automation.

Growing partnerships

RELEX has a positive track record with several SPAR businesses, with forecasting and demand software already in use across the Henderson Group for their 450 stores in Northern Ireland and under implementation in C J Lang’s 300 stores in Scotland.  Dagrofa, one of Denmark’s leading food companies supplying 500 stores including 130 SPAR stores, uses RELEX for forecasting and replenishment for 3 Distribution Centres, complementing their ERP from SAP.

“We are honoured to be recognised by SPAR International as the grocery supply chain optimisation market leader,” says Stefano Scandelli, Senior VP at RELEX Solutions. “We are committed to delivering value to more SPAR organisations by helping them improve their availability and service levels, cut costs, reduce waste, and put an end to manual work through automation, thereby supporting their continued growth worldwide.”

Tom Rose, Head of International Operations at SPAR International, said: “RELEX’s state-of-the-art technology enables SPAR country organisations to improve both profitability and sustainability through a more efficient and transparent supply chain, improved availability and service levels, minimised costs, maximised customer satisfaction and notably reduced waste. Through this agreement, SPAR licensed operations can reap the benefits of a modernised end-to-end supply chain and run the most advanced fresh supply chains within their respective markets. We are continually adding to our preferred supplier network as part of our ongoing service to our SPAR country organisations.”

Source: Relex Solutions

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