SPAR India opens 20th hypermarket

April 16, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Expanding its footprint, SPAR India has launched its 20th store, located in the city of Shimoga. The new SPAR Hypermarket at Bearys City Centre Mall offers customers an innovative shopping experience. The store, spannning 3,250 square meters, has 15 checkout counters and offers over 50,000 SKUs.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Rajeev Krishnan, Managing Director of SPAR India said: “We are very excited to introduce a new level of one-stop shopping, providing top-class service and value to Shimoga residents. SPAR is on an incredible journey, which started in Bangalore 10 years ago and we are delighted to bring that experience to the progressive city of Shimoga. We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust and support in helping us make this store a reality. Our store team is from the local area and we are keen to stay committed to being the store of the community.”

Signifying the consumer-centric nature of the brand, the opening ceremony was jointly performed by Mr Krishnan and Mr Syed Mohamed Beary (Chairman and Managing Director of Bearys Group), together with the parents of one of the Shimoga store employees.

Launch awareness

Staying true to the spirit of connecting with the local community, the new SPAR team went door-to-door, inviting residents of Shimoga to the grand opening. As a result, the launch event was attended by a large group of people from different walks of life. A local dance form of the region called the ‘Jagalage’ was performed to pay respect to the local culture.

To advertise the launch further, around 20 billboards were installed across Shimoga and its neighbouring towns. An SMS campaign was sent to 75,000 targeted  individuals and 200 cars were branded with the new store’s location.

A digital campaign, run on SPAR India’s social media channels, was also launched in the form of a competition called ‘Lootmar’ (60 seconds to Win). Two lucky winners were given the opportunity to do a 60-second trolley dash in the new SPAR India store, taking home whatever they managed to collect within the allotted time.

Instore innovations

A major highlight of the newly opened SPAR Hypermarket is its experience sections such as:

Home Sweet Home: A fantastic range of home furnishings and décor. Customers can use a drag and drop feature on a 3D digital screen to experience the look of the products available.

Wonder Years: A kids entertainment section

Grandma’s Corner: Where customers are reminded of their favourite childhood dishes

Milkyway: Offering the very best fresh dairy products

Farmer’s Market: A fresh organic fruit & veg section promoting products sourced from local farmers

Beauty: An instore beauty section where customers can get an instant makeover

Freshly: Offering fresh fruit juices & salads made using vegetables & fruits selected instore by the customer

SPAR Refresh: A section offering an array of tasty snacks, grilled foods and refreshments from around the world.

Source: SPAR India

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SPAR India

In August 2014, SPAR International and Max Hypermarkets entered into a partnership agreement to develop the brand across the country. Max Hypermarkets is operated by the Landmark Group, a retail group headquartered in Dubai. SPAR India has focused development on the SPAR Hypermarket format, rolling out into new cities and with tailored solutions to meet shopper needs.

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