SPAR India launches its 18th SPAR store

August 10, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR India has officially opened its 18th store - a new and innovative supermarket in the Prozone Mall in the city of Coimbatore.

This next generation SPAR Hypermarket offers customers an exciting shopping experience with the use of state-of-the-art technology. The Coimbatore store spans 2,787m2 and offers a large product assortment which is good value for money. All staff members have been hired locally to provide personalised customer service, evoking the spirit of shopping at a local, neighbourhood store.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Rajeev Krishnan, Managing Director & CEO, of SPAR India said: “We understand that over the past 10 years, customers have evolved and so have their shopping aspirations. We understand that as we grow, we must not forget the importance of connecting one-on-one with our customers. With our latest SPAR Hypermarket, we have created a shopping experience for our customers that is beyond a transactional operation and is shaped by a personal approach with the needs of our local customers being fully understood. The new SPAR store in Coimbatore aims to offer an experience that appeals to each family member.

“We believe in inclusive growth that takes the local communities into account and as such, we have partnered with farmers, fishermen and small-medium businesses in each region for the sourcing of products that our customers want and need.”

Educate, Entertain & Engage

Our instore ‘Experience Sections’, which are a distinctive new addition, are uniquely designed for customers, depending on the role they play in their family.

Beauty: A beauty section has been added, enabling customers to get a makeover done whilst visiting the hypermarket.

Children: For the first time in the country, SPAR has put all the kids products in the same section called ‘Little Wonders’. An interactive touchscreen has been added to this section with ‘infotainment’ content.

Seasonal products: There are sections such as ‘4 seasons’, displaying the highlights of the season, including regional offers and products.

Refresh: This section brings to life cuisines from 20 different restaurants with handpicked recipes to infuse local flavours. The Head Chef has experience working across premium and small format restaurants to offer a culinary delight to tickle the taste buds.

Home Furnishing: The ‘Home sweet Home’ section houses everything needed for home décor and has an interactive display. This allows customers to try out bedspreads, curtains, and other décor products virtually to choose products that best suit their home.

Fresh: This section located near the ‘Farmers Market’ offers value-added service where customers can get fresh fruit juices and salads freshly made using vegetables and fruits selected by them. The customers can also have their fruit and vegetables cleaned and cut for them.

Grandma’s corner: This section offers insight into the world of homemade goodies such as pickles, spices and more. This will become a place where the grandmothers of the community can meet to interact and create delicious, homemade treats.

Innovative & interactive technology

The store offers increased interactivity through technology by striking a strategic collaboration with BOSCH. The store has technology layered in three dimensions:

  1. Did you know: This knowledge series helps the customer understand the benefits of various products and provides little nuggets of information about the hypermarket. Information is displayed in different places through digital signage and tablets, which help the customer make informed shopping choices.
  2. Virtual reality: This enables customers to gain a 3D experience of products that they purchase, especially in the home furnishing section.
  3. SPAR Playpad: A 55-inch, interactive multi-touch screen that offers ‘infotainment’ content for kids along with providing scope to play around and be creative.

Furthermore, back-end efficiency has been set up for a faster billing system that ensures a better customer experience. The store will also offer home-delivery through its omni-channel service, which enables the customer to order online through:

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