SPAR India enjoying great year – 6 awards to celebrate

July 4, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Awards and prizes

SPAR India have won within the past few months several key awards - Best Application of Technology Award, Large Format Retailer of the Year, and three Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards, demonstrating great industry recognition for their successes!

One of the key qualities of SPAR India is to continuously innovate, evolve and adapt at a faster rate than the market. There have been many innovations within SPAR India in the past year across different functions and several of these innovations have been recognized by both peers and key associations in the modern retail space in India.

SPAR India’s brand strength revolves around Freshness, Value, Choice, and Service offerings to customers. Time and effort is spent on understanding customer needs in each location where a hypermarket is opened and the product assortment is specifically adapted to suit. This thought process involves not only servicing the transactional requirement of the customer but also in building a sustainable and qualitative relationship.

SPAR India’s core belief is that the customer has evolved over time and that innovation is not an option but a requirement. Everything that is done in SPAR India is built around this thought process which has led to recognition from various segments.

Some of the awards which SPAR India received recently includes the ‘Best Application of Technology Award’ & ‘Large Format Retailer of the Year’ from Franchise India as well as three Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2017 for ‘Most Admired Food & Grocery Retail Innovation of the Year’, ‘Most admired Category Performer of the Year – Meat, Fish & Livestock’ and ‘Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year – Human Resource Policies & Innovations’.

SPAR India are delighted with these awards, highlighting the success of their business strategy and inspiring the entire team to continue building on success.