SPAR Hungary supports inclusion of young autistics

December 12, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Responsible retailing

SPAR Hungary is a disability-friendly workplace, employing 119 staff members with changed working abilities and ten autistic young colleagues at the time of writing. For the past two years, the SPAR Partner has cooperated with Janka Tanya, a non-profit organisation assisting young people living with autism. Recently, SPAR Hungary sponsored the documentary 'A Long Way' (Hosszú út), presenting the everyday lives of young people with disabilities living in the community and encouraging social inclusion.

Since the first Disability-Friendly Workplace award received in 2010, SPAR Hungary has gained more recognition, taking its fourth award – the Inclusive Workplace Award – in 2017 for its programme with Janka Tanya.  The organisation’s full-day programmes inspire people with autism, leading to their full participation in work and social spheres. SPAR team members in the INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Veszprém provide a mentoring role for young people from the Janka Tanya programme twice a week when they carry out certain tasks instore.

To provide more insights into the everyday lives of young people with autism, SPAR Hungary sponsored a half-hour documentary titled ‘A Long Way’ (Hosszú  út). The varied activities of home life at Janka Tanya such as gardening and work life in the INTERSPAR Hypermarket is profiled in the video, amongst others.

“Janka Tanya is an exemplary NGO; their activities are honourable, and we are very proud of this cooperation. The film encourages us to continue our support. In addition to the community-building contribution of this initiative, it also brings youth closer to the world of work. Decorations and utility items made by young autistics are available for purchase at the Christmas and Easter fairs held at the SPAR Hungary central office,” said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communications at SPAR Hungary and also the film producer.

“We are very grateful to SPAR for their years of continued support. The instore job opportunities enable young people with autism who are otherwise unable or find it hard to build social relationships, to integrate and to live a normal life. Our approach does not focus on deficiencies, but on abilities, and this unconditional support and care is successful,” said Katalin Bárányos, the founder of Janka Tanya.

In addition to Janka Tanya, SPAR Hungary supports two other organisations, both focusing on the integration of young people with autism: Esőemberke Foundation for Autists in Vas County and the Zala County Foundation for children with autism.

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Source: SPAR Hungary

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