SPAR Hungary revamps meat processing plant

May 20, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: All News

  • Mr Ferenc Horváth, Director of the REGNUM Training Centre and Meat Processing Plant

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SPAR Hungary has invested 1.7 billion HUF in the expansion of its REGNUM Meat Processing Plant in Bicske to include a state-of-the-art training centre.

The business sells more than 30 million kg of pork meat each year and is the only retail company in the country to have its own meat processing plant. The facility has grown in size from 7,500 to 10,900m2, with the addition of a new chopping station and training centre.

“A key principle of ours is to provide training for our colleagues,” said Ferenc Horváth, Director of the REGNUM Training Centre and Meat Processing Plant. “As such, in addition to the extended capacity, the meat processing plant will now also function as a professional training centre.”

SPAR Hungary was the first Hungarian retail chain to be licensed to use the Excellent Quality Pork trademark with its REGNUM meat tray products. The qualification guarantees that customers purchase top quality pork, sourced from local farmers who raise their stock on GMO-free grain. The meat has a special type of marbling, providing a unique taste.

In addition to fresh meat items, last year 11.5 million kg of Own Brand S-Budget, SPAR and REGNUM cold cuts, cured meat, pâté and sausage products, as well as seven million pieces of tray meat products, were packaged at the REGNUM plant. “With the recent developments, we purchased high-performance automatic chopper and vacuum packaging equipment, enabling us to increase the quality of service provided to our customers,” added Mr Horváth.

The reduced VAT rate for pork meat that came into effect in January is going to make fresh meat one of the most sought-after goods. SPAR Hungary expects a 10-15% increase in the turnover of pork meat within a year.