SPAR Hungary modernises two SPAR Supermarkets

October 30, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

In October, SPAR Hungary showcased impressive makeovers of two of its SPAR Supermarkets in capital city Budapest. In each of the upgrades, SPAR Hungary invested one billion HUF, continuing its robust investment programme.

SPAR on Szigony Street has become the heart of the revamped Józsefváros district, while the SPAR Supermarket on Corvin Palace at Blaha Lujza tér caters to the needs of nearby office workers. The renovations prioritised environmentally-friendly solutions that enhance the store’s appeal and promote cost-effective operations. Customer convenience and high-quality product offerings were central to decision-making during the renovations. Energy efficiency was a key focus to minimise energy consumption in cooling, lighting, and heating systems.

SPAR on Szigony

The renovated SPAR Supermarket in Józsefváros has become part of a larger community. It serves the convenience of local customers, has a redesigned exterior and interior, while contributing to a comprehensive city centre development project. The complete renewal and modernisation of this central square and its surroundings is currently underway.

The supermarket provides employment for 29 dedicated colleagues who serve customers daily. Upon entering the store, customers are welcomed by the fruit and vegetable section, followed by the refrigerated counter with convenience products. The bakery and grill counter for hot meals are next in the store walk. Shoppers can choose between fast-packaged or counter-service deli and meat products. The shopping journey continues through the dairy, beverages, and refrigerated goods sections. Modern cash registers and self-service checkouts ensure a swift and convenient shopping experience.

The retail area is equipped with new LED lighting, environmentally-friendly carbon-dioxide refrigeration technology.

SPAR on Corvin Palace

In this 1,587m² SPAR Supermarket located in Corvin Palace, 37 colleagues work together to run the store. Organic and health-conscious goods are prominently displayed in a section dedicated to sustainability. The wide selection offered to customers here played an important role in the renovation.

The bakery features an attractive product display with rear-loading counters. A refrigerated counter offers convenience products with a selection from coolers equipped with doors. The vegetable department leads to the SPAR to Go counter for hot food options. A wide range of convenience products caters to the needs of nearby office workers. Serving counters and refrigerators offer fresh deli and meat products. The checkout area includes self-service cash registers, enhancing customer convenience.

The entire store has LED lighting, and a carbon dioxide-based heat pump system that uses heat recovery helps energy-saving operation.

Source: SPAR Hungary

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About SPAR Hungary

The first SPAR Supermarket opened in Hungary in 1992, following the acquisition by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) of a majority stake in General Kereskedelmi Rt. SPAR Hungary is one of the country’s largest employers, with a network of company-owned and independently run stores operating nationwide.