SPAR Guangdong ‘Employee Hometown Charity’ project offers tangible support to remote villages

October 5, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, People, Responsible retailing

SPAR Guangdong partner Jiarong’s ‘Employee Hometown Charity’ project has this year successfully realised the hometown wishes of team members Ye Huinan, Yang Meiyan, and Fan Ling, offering tangible, practical support to remote areas. The company’s ‘Employee Hometown Charity’ project covers various fields such as elderly care, children’s education, poverty alleviation, and infrastructure.

Renovation of old-age residences

Among the many project proposals for public welfare, the company decided to help 11 elderly households in team member Ye Huinan’s hometown by repairing and rebuilding their houses. The houses in question formed a potential safety hazard since they were poorly maintained.

Renovation of retirement homes

The SPAR regional operator also renovated a nursing home in Houtanxian Village, Hunan Province, team member Yang Meiyan’s hometown.

According to Yang Meiyan, the only nursing home in the village was built in the 1970s. It required extensive renovation, with a dozen disabled, older people struggling to live comfortably there. The company also donated books and educational materials to the students of the Houtanxian Village teaching site.

Illumination project

SPAR Guangdong team member Fan Ling has worked at Jiarong for nearly 30 years. Fanling’s hometown is in Wenchang Village, Henan Province. The local villagers mainly make a living through farming. Because the village’s main roads have never had street lights, there are significant safety hazards.

The company installed 53 solar streetlights along the main road of Wenchang Village, dramatically improving traffic conditions and injecting new vitality into the local economic development.

The company also brought new desks, school bags, and stationery to the Wenchang Village Primary School.

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