SPAR Gran Canaria welcomes Olympic medal winners

September 13, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing

  • SPAR Gran Canaria paid tribute to the triumphant sports stars who built a career at the club of SPAR Gran Canaria

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  • The two Olympic champions receiving a SPAR Gran Canaria plaque

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SPAR Gran Canaria recently welcomed two Spanish Basketball Olympic medal winners to its El Goro Distribution Centre. Leticia Romero and Leonor Rodríguez, former members of the club of SPAR Gran Canaria (CB Islas Canarias), were both awarded with a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio.

The two sportswomen grew in their careers at the basketball club, supported by SPAR Gran Canaria since 2014. Leonor Rodríguez, now a member of the SPAR Citylift Girona team, was at CB Islas Canarias during the seasons 2007/2009; while Leticia Romero made her entry into the team at just 15 years of age when it was led by Domingo Díaz and Begoña Santana. Today she is a member of the Florida State University team.

The two Olympic champions are shining examples of success. Both come from a modest basketball club and through hard work and dedication, they have been able to compete at the highest level. For the current CB Islas Canarias team, they are perfect examples of the rewards that can be achieved from hard work in day-to-day training.

Representing SPAR Gran Canaria at the welcoming ceremony was Angel Medina, President of the Group, who praised the exceptional achievements of the Basketball team at the Olympic Games in Rio. During the reception the two sporting stars received a plaque from SPAR Gran Canaria, commemorating their achievements.

Also present were SPAR Gran Canaria Vice President, Jose Lopez Peñate, the General Manager, Dunia Perez and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Nayra Monzon. On behalf of CB Islands Canarias, Domingo Díaz and Begoña Santana were in attendance, along with the proud parents.

The players thanked SPAR Gran Canaria for the warm welcome expressing that they were still ‘in heaven’: “When we reached the quarter finals we started to believe that we had a chance to reach the final,” said Leticia. Leonor agreed noting: “this silver is our gold. We all know how difficult it is to play against the United States. They are on another level and so, for us, it meant achieving the utmost.”

For Leonor Rodríguez, 24, and Leticia Romero, 21, a dream has come true, a goal for any sportsperson: to represent their country at an international tournament.

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