SPAR Georgia continues to expand brand and offer premium shopping experience

November 25, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing

With its high-quality products and services, SPAR Georgia has achieved exceptional growth over the last two years. Reaching a total portfolio of 246 stores across the country, SPAR has become one of Georgia’s market leaders. COVID-19 has severely impacted Georgia. Shortened operating hours, a decline in tourism, and restriction of movement among the population have impacted footfall. Despite this, SPAR retailers have maintained smooth operations and initiated various community support projects.

SPAR continuously strives to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The company stands out in the market for its wide assortment of premium quality products. With a permanent variety of promotions, the most in-demand and seasonal products are available to any customer.

Innovative format
SPAR Georgia has this year also added a new university campus store to its portfolio. On October 31, a SPAR store was opened at Kutaisi International University, which cooperates with the leading European Technical University in Munich. 

This type of store is a first in Georgia. The unique, youthful design and assortment are tailored to meet the needs of students and university staff. The concept also includes a cafeteria area and offers shoppers a range of special promotions and marketing activities.

Pandemic response
At the start of the pandemic, SPAR was the first in the Georgian grocery retail market to provide team members with face masks, protective face shields, and disinfectant equipment.

Special protective barriers have been installed in all branches at the cash registers. Instore signage and audio communications remind customers to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Customer temperature screening and strengthened disinfection routines are permanently carried out in all branches.

Early in the pandemic, SPAR Georgia and SPAR International provided food vouchers ​​to Georgian citizens in 20 European countries. In cooperation with the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approximately 2,000 Georgian citizens in Europe in need of special assistance received these SPAR vouchers. 

After a region was declared a quarantine zone, SPAR Georgia ensured the smooth supply of groceries to this area. In addition, SPAR helped provide for daily meals for 120 medical professionals at the Infectious Diseases Hospital over the course of two months. In appreciation of their heroic work, SPAR Georgia in April presented these frontline workers with Easter gift baskets filled with Easter treats.

Source: SPAR Georgia

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About SPAR Georgia

The SPAR Partner in Georgia is Foodmart, an existing food retailer with a strong and successful business. The licence to operate the brand was granted to SPAR Georgia by SPAR International in early 2014. SPAR was launched in the country later that year, with the opening of three supermarkets in one day in the capital city, Tbilisi.

SPAR Georgia has focused on offering a good selection of fresh produce and traditional Georgian baked goods, complemented by a localised Food-to-Go proposal. The stores also include SPAR Own Brand ranges, baby food ranges, increased grocery lines, and non-food departments.

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