SPAR Georgia celebrates 100th store opening

November 1, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Over the last few months, SPAR Georgia has rapidly expanded its store network, launching its 100th supermarket on the 24th of October. This milestone opening comes just four years after the brand was first launched in the country.

The new SPAR Supermarket, located in the centre of the capital city Tbilisi, was opened on the last day of SPAR Georgia’s first international conference – a fitting end to what was a fantastic gathering of 200 SPAR colleagues from neighbouring countries including Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, as well as investors and local suppliers.

This latest addition to SPAR Georgia’s network is a 160m2 convenience store that offers domestic and international grocery ranges, a large selection of SPAR Own Brand products and fresh foods. The key departments, which highlight the focus of SPAR Georgia in this market segment, are the Bakery section with traditional Georgian baked goods, the Food-to-Go counter and the Dairy department.

The rapid expansion has been made possible by combining the conversion of existing stores to the SPAR Brand with the sub-licensing of independent retailers, creating new opportunities for growth.

The development of a new distribution centre has complemented the growth of the retail network, ensuring high standards of service to the SPAR outlets. The additional distribution capacity has greatly benefited the focus on fresh for which SPAR Georgia has become known, enabling greater access to ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meal solutions.

Present at the conference and the opening of the 100th store, David Moore, International Retail and Development Director at SPAR International said: “It is an incredible achievement to have opened 100 stores in such a short space of time. We’re really pleased with the progress here in Georgia and one of the things we’re most proud of, is that we’ve created 1,800 jobs in this market. SPAR Georgia’s ambition is to work towards 200 stores across the country. The future looks bright for SPAR in Georgia.”

Source: SPAR Georgia

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About SPAR Georgia

The SPAR Partner in Georgia is Foodmart, an existing food retailer with a strong and successful business. The licence to operate the brand was granted to SPAR Georgia by SPAR International in early 2014. SPAR was launched in the country later that year, with the opening of three supermarkets in one day in the capital city, Tbilisi.

SPAR Georgia has focused on offering a good selection of fresh produce and traditional Georgian bakery products, complemented by a localised Food-to-Go proposal. The stores also include SPAR Own Brand ranges, baby food ranges, increased grocery lines and non-food departments.

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