SPAR Express stores launched at AVIA forecourts in Poland

January 28, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

A collaboration between SPAR Poland and AVIA, launched in 2021, has led to the introduction of SPAR Express stores at four petrol forecourt stations. The first two SPAR Express forecourt sites opened in the second half of December, followed by another two stores in mid-January. Five locations in different cities have been identified for inclusion in the pilot. This partnership is boosting SPAR Poland’s presence across the country.

Forecourt retailing

SPAR Express is a convenience brand meeting customers’ essential needs. The petrol forecourt stores are open daily, offering convenience with fresh baked goods, freshly prepared sandwiches, juices, and a hot beverage range. Combined with the top-up grocery selection, these stores serve both passing traffic and nearby residents. While seated in the instore coffee zone, shoppers can enjoy delicious hot beverages and ready-to-eat snacks.

Avia in Poland is operated by the Unimot Group, which has been developing the chain since 2016. Partnering with an international retail brand was key for the company, adding value to both businesses. Avia is developing effective retail solutions for the forecourt market, providing great a shopping experience for their customers. Avia now also offers its franchisees a strong retail brand, enhancing the overall offer. Utilising SPAR Poland’s expertise, the forecourt stores will have tailored offerings to suit each location’s customer needs.

Collaborative partnerships

SPAR Poland is known for building collaborative partnerships. The company uses the brand’s network to offer a broad range of SPAR Own Brand products sourced locally, regionally, and internationally. To date, the own brand ranges available include organic, wines, value, and daily essentials. Independent retailers wishing to partner with a global brand can connect with SPAR Poland to learn about the expansion opportunities.

Watch the video of the recent SPAR Express store opening in Poznań here.

Source: SPAR Poland

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About SPAR Poland

SPAR International granted a licence to operate the brand in Poland to SPAR South Africa, which purchased an existing retail chain during 2019. As a result, in December 2019, SPAR Poland opened its first EUROSPAR store in Warsaw.

Building on the multi-format strategy, a combination of 65 SPAR Express convenience stores, 115 SPAR and 35 EUROSPAR Supermarkets operating end 2020 enables SPAR Poland to meet customers’ shopping needs.


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