SPAR Denmark rolls out nationwide partnership with Too Good To Go to fight food waste

June 3, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing

SPAR Denmark has initiated a nationwide collaboration with social impact company Too Good To Go, which is projected to cut food waste by up to 144 tonnes per year. The roll-out of this partnership is part of a global agreement between SPAR International and Too Good To Go.

SPAR Denmark has already tested To Good To Go’s food waste app in 29 local stores. Following great feedback from shoppers and retailers, the agreement will now be expanded to SPAR stores nationwide.

With over 130 SPAR stores in Denmark, there is potential to save more than 144 tonnes of food waste per year, corresponding to 361 tonnes of CO2.

“Customers have welcomed the idea in our test stores. We look forward to, together with consumers, saving many more meals throughout the country”, says Esben Keller, Chain Director for SPAR, Min Købmand and Let-Køb.

International partnership

SPAR International entered into an international agreement with Too Good To Go in December 2020. With a total of 13 overlapping markets, in which 9,000 SPAR stores operate, both parties are keen to work together to offer shoppers an innovative digital solution to reduce food waste.

The international partnership aims to help reduce food waste by allowing shoppers to order food nearing its sell-by date from SPAR Supermarkets at a reduced cost.

The app is expected to be used in most SPAR stores across Denmark before the end of 2021. After downloading the app and registering, SPAR customers can find out how many discounted food packages, named ‘Magic Bags’, are available at SPAR stores in their area.

“I am very happy and proud that we are now taking the fight against food waste to a whole new level in collaboration with SPAR. Before long, as many as 9,000 European SPAR stores are likely to be in the app. This makes the collaboration Too Good To Go’s biggest. SPAR deserves great respect for showing the way at a European level”, says Heidi Boye, country manager for Too Good To Go in Denmark.

Less food waste on the agenda

The agreement with Too Good To Go is part of the SPAR operator’s larger CSR strategy. This approach includes better education and information about climate-saving foods and food waste and the use of Whywaste, an IT solution that helps reduce food waste.

Source: SPAR Denmark

About SPAR Denmark

SPAR Denmark was founded in 1954 when Danish retail company, Dagrofa, was granted a licence to operate the brand in the market. In 2013, NorgesGruppen purchased 49% of the Dagrofa Group. This led to a major restructuring of the retail business, strengthening the SPAR Brand in Denmark. 

SPAR Denmark has more than 130 supermarkets spread across the country, positioning itself as the largest independent retail chain in the market. Its headquarters are in Ringsted. Over the past years, SPAR Denmark has implemented a robust expansion plan focused on opening new stores in the capital city and larger cities nationwide.  

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