SPAR Denmark opens flagship store in the centre of Copenhagen

March 2, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Denmark last week opened a state-of-the-art SPAR Supermarket on St. Kongensgade, a well-known street in the centre of Copenhagen. The new store brings an expanded range of to-go, healthier choices, and local products to this vibrant area of the city.

SPAR Natural range

The range instore has an international character and features a large selection of SPAR Natural products. Developed by SPAR International, this range meets growing consumer demands for healthier and more sustainable food choices. The concept focuses on vegan and vegetarian solutions and offers organic, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options.

CENSA Coffee solution

SPAR St. Kongensgade has incorporated the CENSA Coffee solution – another successful implementation following a recent CENSA Café launch in Saudi Arabia. SPAR International’s versatile CENSA Coffee solution provides retailers with a fully branded barista café and a coffee-to-go concept.

Proximity retailing

Besides the healthy and convenient assortment on offer, the store features a wide selection of premium-quality local products selected by SPAR retailer Jesper Laursen. Customers thus step into a world-class SPAR store with a local feel.

Jesper Laursen sees it as his most important task to personally greet his customers and get their input on the supermarket’s range.

“We want our customers to feel at home and welcome in their local SPAR store. I have already met a number of locals walking by on the street, and the feedback is that they are welcoming a more locally based supermarket in the area”, said Jesper Laursen.

“Our customers can look forward to a modern, bright, and inviting supermarket with a large and locally adapted grocery range. The team has put together an exciting range, and we look forward to further developing the store and its assortment with the customers”, said SPAR Denmark CEO Kim Scheuer Nielsen about the new store.

Store rollout

The opening on St. Kongensgade marks SPAR Denmark’s fifth store in the Copenhagen area. The launch is part of a comprehensive modernisation plan, which SPAR Denmark initiated in 2019.

Opened in August 2019, SPAR Teglholmen in Copenhagen was the first SPAR Supermarket to be built in line with SPAR International’s store design concept. The store has since gained international and national recognition, most recently when former SPAR retailer Ronnie Borregaard, currently Sales Manager at SPAR Denmark, won the Danish Retail Award 2020.

In May, SPAR Denmark will open another store in Frederiksberg, with an expanded convenience area, including food-to-go, an extensive choice of fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, and the SPAR Natural concept.

Source: SPAR Denmark

About SPAR Denmark

SPAR Denmark was founded in 1954 when Danish retail company, Dagrofa, was granted a licence to operate the brand in the market. In 2013, the NorgesGruppen purchase of 49% of the Dagrofa Group was approved. This led to a major restructuring of the retail business, focusing on strengthening the SPAR Brand in Denmark.

SPAR Denmark has more than 130 supermarkets spread across the country, positioning itself as the largest independent retail chain in the market. Its headquarters are in Ringsted.

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