SPAR Croatia’s support for local producers grows significantly

April 5, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing, Sourcing

SPAR Croatia has announced that sales of Croatian producers' goods through its distribution network in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary have increased by 36% (€38.6 million ) in 2022 compared with 2021. The total export value of Croatian products in SPAR stores in these countries amounted to a total of over €143 million.

The largest increase in export was seen in Austria, where customers embraced well-known Croatian brands including Padrovka’s Linolada, Vegeta, and Altantic’s Cedevita. Slovenia was another market recording significant growth. Violeta, the Croatian manufacturer of SPAR Own Brand wet baby wipes, witnessed the largest growth in the Slovenian market.

Data revealed that Slovenians also prefer traditional Slavonic products of the DOBRO brand marketed by Žito d.o.o, while Italians opt for Croatian cod and Zigante truffles. Among the smaller producers, Gatarić Group, a leader in the production and distribution of office and school materials, as well as Vimi lip balm and New Bakery, the largest European baklava factory from Donji Stupnik, stood out.

“We are glad that in addition to large domestic manufacturers such as Podravka and Atlantic, more and more medium-sized and even small companies are achieving significant growth through the SPAR sales network”, said Helmut Fenzl, President of SPAR Croatia’s Management Board.

Strong support for local manufacturers

SPAR Croatia supports local producers in a variety of ways, including providing access to the formal market through its annual incentive programme called ‘Start it Up Croatia’. The third edition was held last year, and at that time Helmut Fenzl commented: “I am extremely proud that even in these challenging times for retailers and manufacturers, we continue with this project. ‘Start it Up Croatia’ attracts an increasing number of small, domestic, manufacturers who create high-quality and innovative products.”

Over 77% of the total food range in  SPAR and INTERSPAR stores in Croatia comes from domestic suppliers. SPAR Croatia’s campaign Yes, it’s homemade! brings together manufacturers from all over Croatia and helps them market their products throughout the country and in the foreign markets in which the organisation operates.

SPAR Croatia also has existing cooperations with a large number of domestic suppliers, promoting domestic products. The products, such as beans, apples, garlic, cauliflower, and broccoli, are sold under SPAR Croatia’s popular Own Brand ‘Gardens of Croatia’. These domestic products are available in all SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets nationwide.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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About SPAR Croatia

SPAR Croatia started in 2005 with the first INTERSPAR Hypermarket in the Dalmatian coast city of Zadar. The company has continued to grow, with the development of stores and several company acquisitions. SPAR Croatia ended 2021 with 125 stores and grew their retail sales by 8.1% to €792.6 million.

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