SPAR Croatia takes another step to reduce energy use

November 3, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Climate, Responsible retailing

SPAR Croatia continuously implements measures to save energy as part of its sustainability programme. A new step will see advertising and exterior lighting switched on for a reduced period from the beginning of autumn. This new move should save approximately 280,000 kWh annually, which represents the average annual consumption of 80 households in Croatia.

All advertising and store exterior lighting (branding, entry lighting, and parking lots) will switch on 30 minutes before opening and switch off 30 minutes after the store closes.

When a store is located within a shopping centre, or wherever SPAR Croatia leases the space, the control of lighting is not managed by the retailer. SPAR Croatia is actively encouraging their landlords of those sites to use energy consciously.

SPAR Croatia has been optimizing lighting in stores for many years. The biggest energy-saving decision was the transition to LED lamps, which since 2014 have been the standard in all SPAR new and remodelled stores. The latest generation of LED lighting consumes 80% less energy than previously used lighting. Today, all 25 INTERSPAR Hypermarkets and 95% of SPAR Croatia’s 124 supermarkets use LED technology for their lighting.

SPAR Croatia has had outdoor lighting adapted to the actual needs of light levels for years. Stores are equipped with light sensors that gauge the need to turn on and off the lighting. In the period before opening and after closing, when instore teams are stocking the shelves and tidying up, only one-third of the usual lighting is switched on instore.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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About SPAR Croatia

The first SPAR store opened in Croatia in 2005, following the licence agreement between ASPIAG (Austrian SPAR International AG) and SPAR International in 2004. As a member of the ASPIAG group, SPAR Croatia can access a wide range of own brand products. Brand development has primarily taken place through SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, both through the take-over of existing chains and the opening of new stores.

SPAR Croatia is a strong supporter of locally sourced products and cooperates with over 40 small-scale agricultural producers, selling products under ‘The Garden of Croatia’ brand. SPAR also runs a ‘Yes, It’s Local’ campaign to promote local goods.