SPAR Croatia cuts down sugar in own brand products

October 29, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Own Brand and Suppliers, Responsible retailing

Following recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that the daily intake of sugar should equate to no more than 25g or six teaspoons per person, SPAR Croatia has placed a key focus on reducing the amount of sugar in its own brand products. Thanks to an initiative launched in 2017, by the end of this year, a total reduction target of 21 tonnes of sugar will be reached.

Efforts in this area have gradually increased over the last two years with progress really becoming clear in 2018 when SPAR Croatia reformulated the recipes of 36 own brand products. Going into 2019, SPAR Croatia continued to step things up and 65 own brands have now been reformulated to contain substantially less sugar. These can be found on the shelves of SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypeermarkets nationwide.

Committed to offering customers top quality products, the reduced sugar recipes have been formulated to achieve the same taste without using artificial sugar substitutes.

“With this initiative, SPAR Croatia wants to primarily reduce the amount of sugar in its own brand products, offering customers high quality products. We also want to initiate a positive trend in reducing sugar in food products and invite food producers to join our initiative to reduce the negative impacts of excessive sugar,” said Helmut Fenzl, CEO of SPAR Croatia.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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About SPAR Croatia

The first SPAR store opened in Croatia in mid-2005, following the signing of the licence agreement between ASPIAG (Austrian SPAR International AG) and SPAR International in 2004.

As a member of the ASPIAG group, SPAR Croatia has access to a wide range of own brand products. Brand development has primarily taken place through SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, both through the take-over of existing chains and the opening of new stores.