Grand store openings for SPAR China

January 22, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

The end of 2017 was marked by a series of grand store openings for SPAR China with launches in Shandong, Guangdong and Hebei, adding over 10,000 square metres of retail selling space across three stores.

SPAR Shandong

The W37 Shopping Centre, a high-end commercial complex run by SPAR Shandong, opened its doors on 22 December. The new SPAR Supermarket provides quality, fresh produce and great convenience for the local citizens.

The shopping centre is located in the central commercial area of the Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone and houses 200 fashionable brands and over 50 restaurants. It offers great amenities including department stores, the SPAR Supermarket, cafés and entertainment centers, and is a big attraction for the younger generation who can enjoy the advantages of shopping, dining and entertainment under one roof.

As part of the grand opening, SPAR Shandong offered customers a wide selection of food, beverages and recreational activities. The SPAR Partner aims to build a strong link with the community – setting an example of best in class modern retail and helping to boost local business development.

SPAR Guangdong: Xinji Plaza store opening

SPAR Guangdong’s latest grand hypermarket opening took place on 28 December with live music and magnificent Chinese traditional dancing. Popular Hong Kong Actors, Li Yaoxiang and Xiang Hailan, together with officials, guests and merchants, cut the ribbon at the ceremony marking the official opening of the new SPAR Hypermarket.

The large hypermarket covers an area of 8,800m2 and offers over 20,000 products, making it the largest retail outlet in the city of Jiujiang. With its broad selection of grocery, general merchandise and fresh produce, it is a one-stop shopping destination for local citizens.

SPAR Guangdong continues to invest in the modernisation of retail stores, products and services, capitalising on knowledge available within the worldwide SPAR network. SPAR Guangdong owns and operates over 100 stores in the Dongguan and Pearl River Delta cities in South China, as well as a leading distribution centre covering an area of 140,000m2.

SPAR Guangdong: New store at Aoyuan Compound

The new SPAR store at the compound CITIC Yangguang Aoyuan opened on 23 December. This is a lifestyle-focused store of 194m² providing great choice and convenience for local residents.

The store offers customers an extensive selection of top-quality products and excellent service, including snacks, fresh fruits, beverages, non-food and office supplies. There is also free Wi-Fi and a mobile phone charging station. Services like home delivery reflect the commitment of SPAR Guangdong to creating a relaxing and easy shopping option.

SPAR Hebei

Building on the interest generated by the successful opening of the first premium SPAR store at EnjoyCity Mall in October, SPAR Hebei has expanded its operations by opening a new family-focused SPAR Supermarket in the Binhe Community on 30 December.

This new large SPAR Supermarket focuses primarily on meeting the needs of local families by offering various worldwide categories in an inspiring environment. The festive opening day attracted thousands of shoppers. The store has become a very popular shopping destination thanks to the great brand awareness that has been generated, and its quality products and services.

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About SPAR China:

SPAR was introduced to China with the signing of the licence agreement for Shandong Province in 2004. This was followed by the addition of more partners, and now SPAR is operational in nine provinces: Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei and Hebei.

The privately owned retail chains licensed to operate SPAR have a cooperative relationship in line with the original SPAR mission of working together to reduce costs, maximise sales and increase profits. The SPAR China Partners, whilst part of a leading international group, maintain 100% local ownership.