SPAR China partner focuses on fresh at new supermarket in Hebei

May 27, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Shandong partner Jiajiayue has expanded the SPAR Brand’s presence in Hebei by opening a new store on Fuxing Road. Opened on 30 April, the new store focuses on fresh. The 2,500m2 sales area, wide array of fresh departments, and underground parking lot make it one of the most comprehensive grocery stores in the area.

The store’s wide aisles help create a convenient shopping experience. A highlight of the new SPAR store is the fresh department. Upon entering the supermarket, the first thing customers see is a dazzling array of fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to the SPAR operator’s farm-to-fork approach, consumers can scan a QR code on fresh produce to learn more about the product’s origin, purchasing time, and pesticide residue detection results.

Going further in is the meat and poultry seafood area. SPAR Shandong uses its own logistics and cold chain transportation advantages to transport fresh seafood from the coastal area of ​​Jiaodong to SPAR stores throughout its network.

SPAR also uses its own brand and foodservice centre to provide healthy and delicious cooked foods so shoppers can find meal solutions any time of the day. In addition, the store offers a wide slection of wines, household cleaning, personal care, and daily life products, to name but a few.

Source: SPAR China

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About SPAR

SPAR was introduced to China in 2004 with the signing of the licence agreement for Shandong province. This was followed by the addition of more partners, and now SPAR has partners in seven provinces: Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, Henan, Hebei, and Yunnan.

The privately-owned retail chains licensed to operate SPAR have a cooperative relationship. This partnership is in line with the original SPAR mission of working together to reduce costs, maximise sales, and increase profits. The SPAR China Partners, whilst part of a leading international group, maintain 100% local ownership.

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