SPAR in China integrated in communities

August 15, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Responsible retailing

From local community involvement initiatives to employee health and wellness, our SPAR Partners in China continue to entrench the brand.

SPAR Henan recently partnered with a local hospital to deliver a health and wellness day for all employees. Awareness of the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle were emphasised by offering employees a free medical examination and inviting them to attend a seminar on mental and physical health. SPAR Henan employs hundreds of people and is very focused on people development.

SPAR Guangdong has continued its involvement in a programme for children from poor families, focusing on the provision of funds for education. The business has been involved in this programme for several years, providing education grants to 30 children for this semester and facilitating a summer camp for a further 40 children. A total of 50 children received funding support last year.

SPAR Guangdong has also been the location for the filming of a modern family TV series, which will be aired in early 2017. This latest filming follows on from the successful shooting of a number of other TV shows that have included scenes filmed in SPAR stores in the province over the past few years.

SPAR Shandong partnered with Olympic Games sponsor, Coca-Cola, in July to bring the official Olympic torch to the city of Shandong. This was the start of a 15-day torch relay throughout Shandong Province, which was focused on encouraging consumers get into the Olympic spirit. When seeing the Olympic torch, consumers think back to the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing when the Olympic torch travelled from the birth place of the competition in Athens to Beijing.

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