SPAR China Partners roll out modern stores

November 22, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

  • Festive opening of the new SPAR Guangdong store in Dalingshan Town

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  • A focus on fresh at SPAR Futong Zizaicheng

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In the last few months, SPAR China Partners have opened a number of new stores in different regions, varying from SPAR Neighbourhood and a SPAR lifestyle Supermarket to large SPAR Hypermarkets, showing the diversity of the SPAR format in this highly competitive market.

SPAR Guangdong opens three new stores

SPAR Partner Guangdong is accelerating its store network expansion and within just a few weeks of each other, three new stores were recently opened.

The first was the much anticipated second SPAR store in Dalingshan Town. The 335m2 store offers customers a great retail experience with its focus on fresh food, including a wide selection of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and various ready-to-eat meal solutions, complemented by excellent dry food and non-food product categories. The offerings include freshly prepared foods to order, as well as an extensive Food-to-Go selection. The store has a free WiFi zone and an inviting, open terrace awaits customers. In addition, the store also provides an extensive value-added service offering, including money transfer and credit card & bill payments. This new SPAR lifestyle store enticed crowds of shoppers on opening day who rushed to see the newest luxury shopping destination.

Following on from the Dalingshan Town SPAR store opening, SPAR Guangdong announced the grand opening of SPAR Futong Zizaicheng. The 186m2 SPAR store has an inviting space and atmosphere – designed to satisfy the needs of local residents by combining an extensive range of fresh produce and Food-to-Go options with daily necessities, as well as newspapers, magazines and office stationery. Huge crowds poured into the store to enjoy this new grocery experience on the opening day. “With the opening of SPAR, there is no need to go far anymore to purchase fresh produce,” said a local resident.

The third recent SPAR Guangdong opening took place in Chenzhou – a city located in the south of Henan province. This latest opening has signalled SPAR Guangdong’s ambition to enter new regions. The store has an operating area of 3,000m2 and following the SPAR principles of freshness, choice, value and service, it offers customers value-for-money, top-quality products, sourced both locally and internationally. The product selection includes imported seafood, local specialties and European bakery products to name just a few. The SPAR Own Brand range, the best choice for shoppers, was introduced with high quality products at a low price.

To date, SPAR Guangdong has a presence in eight cities in Guangdong province, operating a total of 78 SPAR stores up from 70 at the start of the year. The new stores give locals access to the globally renowned SPAR Brand, providing shoppers with a pleasant shopping experience that mirrors European best practice retail standards, satisfying the needs of modern consumers who expect top-quality products and service.

SPAR Beijing re-opens renovated store

SPAR Beijing has re-opened its renovated Beilu Garden store. The opening was advertised on local TV, generating strong brand awareness and helping to draw big crowds on opening day.

The newly renovated store is a community-based supermarket offering over 1,500 products, with an increased focus on fresh food items instore such as ready-to-eat meals.

SPAR Beijing is the first retailer in the city to use additive-free ingredients for its pasta and noodle products. The SPAR Partner offers high quality products, enhanced customer service and a pleasant shopping experience, making it a popular choice among shoppers.

SPAR Sichuan holds two grand re-openings

SPAR Sichuan recently celebrated the grand re-opening of two stores. The first, SPAR Barkam, is the most popular community-based supermarket in the region and customers were delighted to once again be able to shop at their favourite store. SPAR Barkam’s fresh department, which has become the focal point of the store, has been enriched with new product ranges available at an attractive price – giving customers easy access to a wide range of sought after fresh produce such as seafood, fruits and vegetables. Barkam is a county-level city located in the northwest of Sichuan province. SPAR Sichuan has identified great market potential in the region and as such has invested in the launch of more stores in the near future.

SPAR Tongjiang, a neighbourhood store in Nuojiang Town, was the second re-opening to take place. The store is representative of the company’s next generation store design and customer experience. Remodelled from the previous Baixin store, it brings customers world-class retailing under the SPAR Brand. The shopping experience and convenience offer are unprecedented thanks to the many improvements like the new branding, bright interior design, new departmental layout and easy-to-read signage. To celebrate the re-opening and thank local shoppers for their loyalty, a series of promotions and discount programmes were offered during the opening days.

With an ever-increasing degree of competition for retailers, SPAR Sichuan has vowed to deepen the partnership with SPAR by enhancing knowledge exchange, implementing best practice from worldwide resources, and opening more new stores catering to the ever-evolving needs of customers.

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About SPAR China:

SPAR was introduced to China with the signing of the licence agreement for Shandong Province in 2004. This was followed by the addition of more partners, and now SPAR is operational in nine provinces: Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei and Hebei.

The privately owned retail chains licensed to operate SPAR have a cooperative relationship in line with the original SPAR mission of working together to reduce costs, maximise sales and increase profits. The SPAR China Partners, whilst part of a leading international group, maintain 100% local ownership.