SPAR Brand expands to new neighbourhood supermarket in Sri Lanka

September 17, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Sri Lanka continue to grow its brand presence on the island with another store opening. The newest and fifth SPAR Supermarket which is over 880m2 in size, is located in Pepiliyana in the Western region of the island. Staff training was facilitated by the other four stores already operating, helping the new colleagues to gain product knowledge and attain high standards of customer service.

Extensive Fresh Offer

Customers have been very positive about the extensive fresh offer which can be found at this SPAR supermarket, in the heart of Pepiliyana. The wide array of fruits and vegetables, extensive bakery selection, and  freshest meats and seafood are complemented by the sensational range and offers available. The varieties of cakes, coffee and convenience foods available at SPAR is unmatched in the local supermarket industry. From the Bean Tree Café to the delectable spread of ready to eat meals that cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner, SPAR offers enough variety to please the whole family.

Mr. Wayne Hodson, CEO of SPAR Sri Lanka, warmly welcomed everyone to the latest SPAR Supermarket and commented that this is another great store where the whole family can shop. The broad range of local, organic, gourmet foods and imported products as well as the ambience and the exceptional customer service that SPAR is renowned for, add value to the residents of Pepiliyana.

The local and well-known non-food Abans brand has also embraced the opportunity to work alongside SPAR Sri Lanka and has a well-stocked mobility store, located right at the entrance to this SPAR supermarket. Supporting local businesses is one element of SPAR Sri Lanka’s dedication to sustainability, ethical sourcing and community involvement.

SPAR Sri Lanka launched an online shop earlier this year and will continue investing in the modernisation of food retailing with new stores in line with the company’s objective of offering a high-quality shopping experience.

Source : SPAR Sri Lanka

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About SPAR Sri Lanka

SPAR International granted a licence to Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL Group) in 2017 to operate the SPAR Brand in Sri Lanka in a joint venture with the SPAR Group Ltd South Africa. CBL is a well-established organisation, founded in the 1960s and employing 5,000 people across diverse operations. It has strong roots in local communities and a commitment to enhancing food retailing and entrepreneurial opportunities in the market, making it an ideal partner for SPAR.

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