SPAR Austria works collaboratively to improve biodiversity

December 6, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Climate, Responsible retailing

SPAR Austria is working together with local farmers and supplier Frutura in the Weinviertel region to improve biodiversity. Over the last year, this collaborative approach, including potato specialist Dorfinger, has seen the development of more than 10 hectares (approximately 150 tennis courts) of vibrant new bee pastures.

Potato farmers in the Weinviertal region have begun using seeds from Frutura’s BioBienenApple project to create pastures that bees can thrive on due to their nutritious value.

Strengthening the species

SPAR Austria became involved in the collaborative programme after university research showed a halving of biodiversity in the Weinviertel region.

High-quality, local, seed mixtures include the garden marigold, the cornflower, and around 40 other native plants. The seeds support the creation of an improved habitat for bees and other creatures and species common to the region.

“Participating farmers recognise that biodiversity can be the key to long-term yield security and their motivation is strong. The project not only protects flora and fauna – and this also includes the soil – but also promises good and stable harvests for decades to come,” says SPAR Austria board member Mag. Markus Kaser about the cooperation.

Importance of biodiversity

SPAR Austria has shown commitment to preserving diversity in nature over many years. In 2021, it created a Bee Council to protect bees and support bee populations in the country. SPAR Austria developed a ‘Let’s preserve diversity together initiative’ and annual Diversity Awards. These invite prospective Austrian high school graduates to submit their pre-scientific work on the topics of biodiversity and species conservation. The work is to then be assessed by an expert panel.

SPAR International has six key areas of its Responsible Retailing strategy that it works with SPAR country organisations to achieve. While its commitments and initiatives are adopted across the world, they are always tailored to community-specific needs, focusing on health, sourcing, community, environment, supply chain, and people.

Source: SPAR Austria

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