SPAR Austria promotes healthy eating in school cafeterias

September 21, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

The Austrian independent association for healthy eating, SIPCAN, (Special Institute for Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition), now focuses on children and adolescents by supporting school buffets. SPAR Austria is assisting SIPCAN’s promotion of scientifically proven healthy food ranges available at school buffets with the theme ‘Clever snack – Cool break’.

A freshly prepared snack, rich in nutrients and with a low sugar content are the criteria that are most important to parents when it comes to their children’s school snack. As a main sponsor of SIPCAN since 2008, SPAR Austria supports high-quality and organic SPAR Own Brand products being offered in school cafeterias at the same price or even cheaper than unhealthy snacks like chocolate bars. The focus for SPAR Austria is on promoting a healthy lifestyle with SPAR foregoing any profit. In the 2019 school year alone, 84 school cafeterias in seven Austrian federal states joined the initiative, offering healthy snacks to over 56,000 school children.

Before the SPAR products become available at school buffets, SIPCAN assesses the portion size, fat and sugar content. “We know that our eating habits are shaped in childhood. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the sugar content, especially when feeding our children, and to offer less sweet alternatives”, explained SPAR Austria’s CEO Dr Gerhard Drexel.

In addition to what is on offer at school buffets, knowledge of among others sugar, fat and salt is essential for a healthy diet. Therefore, SIPCAN has developed nutritional science programmes for children and adolescents supported by SPAR Austria. One of the educational programmes is the drinking and snack module, providing information on the importance of a healthy diet and school snacks. More information is available on the SIPCAN website.

Source: SPAR Austria

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