SPAR Austria opens three new outstanding SPAR stores

September 22, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Being architecturally eye-catching and technologically advanced, the three new SPAR stores which were opened in Austria offer a top quality shopping experience with excellent products and customer service.

State-of-the-art EUROSPAR in Kufstein

After just six months of construction, the new EUROSPAR Kaufpark store in Kufstein has re-opened. At 1,250m² in size, the store offers an extensive range of more than 13,000 products. Staying true to the high standards of SPAR, EUROSPAR Kaufpark impresses with its large selection of fresh goods and broad range of high-quality regional products. A highlight of the store is the new generation of electronic shelf labels and cashless self-checkouts for fast payment in just five seconds. “We have tested these technologies intensively and are convinced that we offer added value to our customers,” says SPAR Austria Managing Director, Hans K Reisch.

Eye catching SPAR store in Taufkirchen

The new SPAR store in Taufkirchen, located at the access road to the village, is a real eye catcher – standing out with its huge glass facade and curved canopy. With a sales area of 600m², the SPAR store provides a pleasurable shopping experience. SPAR retailer, Gabriele Redinger, and her team offer an extensive range of regional products – meeting the daily needs of shoppers. “We are delighted to welcome our customers with good service and professional advice,” said Gabriele.

SPAR expands in the city of Hallein

Adding to the already existing SPAR Supermarket and INTERSPAR Hypermarket, SPAR recently opened another store in the city of Hallein with a sales area of 260m². The store offers an extensive range of more than 7,000 products. The focus of SPAR retailers, Mladen and Darija Krndic, who work alongside Store Manager, Vladan Obradovic, is on the fresh deli offering, which includes many regional products and specialties. The store is most frequented by people working in surrounding industrial areas. “We want to offer the best service to this customer group, said Darija Krndic. “This starts with coffee-to-go in the morning, fresh snacks and beverages for lunch and an extensive easy meal offering in the evening.”

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