SPAR Austria opens new training centre in Graz

December 15, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: People, Responsible retailing

A new SPAR training centre has opened in Graz, in the southern Austrian province of Styria. The state-of-the-art facility, located in a newly refurbished SPAR Supermarket, serves as a centre of excellence for training on fresh and delicatessen produce, enabling expert knowledge sharing in a perfect learning environment.

When it comes to local Styrian foods, SPAR’s experts are the first point of contact: “Our customers are looking for more than just product freshness, they are also interested in receiving advice and information about the foods they buy. We love to pass on our knowledge of local produce to our customers,” said Christoph Holzer, Managing Director of SPAR Styria and Southern Burgenland.

“The new training centre is an important move for SPAR – helping us to provide specialised training to our employees in a central location. The investment in the new training centre is the logical consequence of SPAR’s consistent and committed philosophy of lifelong learning,” explained Holzer.

A wide range of topics are covered and in addition to specialist training courses on fresh produce and delicatessen items, the participants are also educated in the areas of nutrition, sales and business management, to name just a few.

For 2018 so far, 70 seminar days have been scheduled in the new training centre and more than 1,200 participants are expected. Each year, over 3,000 participants attend SPAR training seminars in Styria and Southern Burgenland and over the past five years, a total of 14,700 SPAR colleagues have been trained. The seminars usually take place over one to three days and are given by internal and external trainers.

Read more about SPAR Austria’s employee training programme.

About SPAR Austria

The origins of SPAR in Austria date back to 1954 when the first SPAR organisation was established, after being granted the licence to operate the SPAR Brand by SPAR International. The current SPAR AG was created in 1970 when the original founding families joined with other regional wholesalers to form SPAR Austria AG – a 100% privately owned Austrian company.


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