SPAR Austria launches new superfruit juice range

September 6, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Own Brand and Suppliers

Exotic fruits from countries in Asia, as well as Central & South America are the main ingredients of SPAR Austria's range of Rainbow Juices. The six colourful fruit and vegetable drinks made from Acerola cherries, wheatgrass, green cabbage, turmeric, ginger, raspberry, coconut, cranberry and Goji berries are now available in all SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores across the country.

The new SPAR enjoy Rainbow Range Juices are based on apple or orange juice and come in six colours. The Green Juice contains a mixture of wheatgrass and green cabbage; the Purple Juice has an exotic blend of berries; the Kurkuma Juice combines carrot, ginger and turmeric; the Red Juice contains raspberries and cranberries; the Yellow Juice with red Goji berries and golden-yellow Inca berries (Physalis) has a sweet-sour taste; and the pure coconut water completes the range.

Superfruits and superfoods are becoming increasingly popular and SPAR Austria is tapping into this trend with its new juice range, using products such as the Acerola cherry, which contains approximately 40% more Vitamin C than an orange – making it one of the most vitamin C rich fruits in the world.

High pressure procedures for 100% taste

The new SPAR enjoy Rainbow Range Juices are produced using the High Pressure Process (HPP) – a method that ensures the gentle preservation of vitamins, nutrients and natural fruit flavours.

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