SPAR Austria introduces reusable shopping bag

April 3, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing

SPAR Austria is trialing a reusable shopping bag nationwide as an alternative to regular plastic bags. The organic SPAR Natur * pur reusable bag, made of renewable GMO-free raw materials, is biodegradable and was developed and produced by an Austrian biopolymer expert. Overall, the volume of reusable bags sold by SPAR Austria increased by 8% in 2017.

The innovative bag produced by the weforyou Group in Graz is made from GMO-free sugar cane. The plants grow in Thailand and are processed at the weforyou plant to become natural organic plastic and subsequently fleece. The bags are then hand-sewn in the company’s own sewing department under socially and ethically appropriate conditions, with special attention given to fair wages, work safety and working hours.

The bag is sturdy and carries heavy loads, lasting many trips to and from the supermarket. It is also biodegradable so when it finally reaches the end of its useful life, it can be decomposed and recycled.

The organic SPAR Natur * pur reusable bag made of renewable raw material is available in SPAR Austria Supermarkets for €1.79.

Source: SPAR Österreich

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About SPAR Austria

The origins of SPAR in Austria date back to 1954 when the first SPAR organisation was established, after being granted the licence to operate the SPAR Brand by SPAR International. The current SPAR AG was created in 1970 when the original founding families joined with other regional wholesalers to form SPAR Austria AG – a 100% privately owned Austrian company.

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