SPAR Albania supports campaign to end violence towards children

August 9, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Community

SPAR Albania has supported the non-profit organisation World Vision to raise awareness of violence towards children through an installation in the city of Korça. In June, residents and visitors in the city could walk through a labyrinth installation created by World Vision and SPAR that provided information on the consequences of violence towards children.

Around 600 visitors viewed the installation during its five-day run in the city’s centre. SPAR contributed all materials for the event, including the build of the labyrinth and accompanying communications and marketing campaigns.

Present at the installation’s opening were the Mayor of Korça, Sotiraq Filo; Director of World Vision for Albania, Eljona Boçe; and SPAR Korça Administrator, Genci Nebiu.

World Vision

World Vision mobilises and liaises with institutions and organisations on issues that affect children’s lives. The organisation works on behalf of the most vulnerable children and communities in Albania and Kosovo.

In Albania, 70% of children report having experienced at least one type of violence in the last year. Around 80% of parents affirm to have used physical punishment to discipline their children.

“The awareness process is a long and difficult journey, which must be cultivated within each of us and in future generations, to create a healthier social environment for children”, said Genci Nebiu, SPAR Korça Administrator, during the presentation of the labyrinth.

SPAR’s cooperation with World Vision in Albania is now entering its fourth year, extending to several different World Vision programmes.

Source: SPAR Albania

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SPAR Albania

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