SPAR UK team up with Southport Saviours to improve defibrillator access

March 21, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

SPAR UK partner James Hall & Co. teamed up with Southport Saviours to improve defibrillator access with the installation of lifesaving defibrillators at two Southport SPAR stores, and fundraising has started for a further two in the area.

Lifesaving defibrillator

Defibrillators have been installed outside of two SPAR stores in Southport: SPAR on Roe Lane and SPAR on Cambridge Road. The new additions arise from collaborative work between local charity Southport Saviours and SPAR UK partner James Hall & Co.

Installed on the exterior walls of the two stores, the defibrillators are accessible 24/7 in case of an emergency. Fundraising is also underway for two further SPAR stores in the area for the installation of defibrillators, SPAR High Park in Southport and SPAR Harington Road in Formby.

Lifesaving local access

Mark Layton, Area Manager at James Hall & Co. Ltd, said: “We are very pleased to support the Southport Saviours and the charity’s ambition of increasing the number of defibrillators locally that are accessible at all hours of the day.

“Given the role that our SPAR stores play in the community, and the geographical spread of them within Southport and Formby, we are delighted to make four of our stores available as access points for these lifesaving kits.”

Richard Moore, Chairman of the Southport Saviours, said: “We are thrilled to have two defibrillators installed at the SPAR stores at Roe Lane and Cambridge Road. The defibrillators are easily identifiable in their yellow cases, and they are at well-known locations in Southport. Accessing defibrillators 24-hours-a-day is hugely important and to have the pledge from James Hall for two more is fantastic news.”

Source: James Hall & Co.

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