Refurbished INTERSPAR Hypermarket opens in Vienna

April 2, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

After eleven months of renovation, a modernised INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Liesing, the 23rd district of Vienna, re-opened in March. The store offers customers everything they need for daily life on a retail sales area of 3,560m2. A new feature instore is the INTERSPAR market kitchen concept, which was implemented for the first time in a SPAR Austria store. The modernisation of this hypermarket created 30 additional jobs.

The use of sustainable technologies for air conditioning, cooling, and lighting is common practice in every new INTERSPAR Hypermarket.

“Converting a store while the business is running, is a challenge, but we have gotten used to it. The aim of this hypermarket was to create a full urban supplier, meeting the needs of our customers”, said Markus Kaser, Managing Director of INTERSPAR Austria.

“The trendy market kitchen concept is new and unique in the Austrian food trade. With INTERSPAR online shops, combined with our INTERSPAR shopping services and our reception desk in the hypermarket, we are setting a completely new standard in terms of customer service.”

The market kitchen concept responds to demand for quick and fresh meals: in an open kitchen, hot and cold dishes to take away are prepared in front of customers. These dishes include bowls, curries, and soups, but also traditional meals like fried chicken and vegetarian and vegan dishes.

An extensive range of food, freshly baked bread and pastries from the INTERSPAR bakery, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, offer customers everything they need under one roof. About 160 domestic products from 30 local producers from the area complete the assortment.

To get an impression of this excellent store, have a look at the instore video tour:

Source: SPAR Austria

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