Profile of a SPAR Star: Sara Kloster, Denmark

May 6, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: People

At just 24 years of age, Sara Kloster has been working in the retail industry for four years, having joined SPAR Denmark’s parent organisation Dagrofa as a trainee back in May 2015. Sara thrives on the diversity of retail, with no two days being the same at the SPAR Supermarket she manages in the town of Thisted in north western Jutland.

Sara has developed an appetite for learning more about retail and plans to expand her knowledge whilst working for SPAR Denmark, after the birth of her first child. Sara was working as a part-time sales assistant before becoming a sales trainee of SPAR Thisted in 2017. Whilst in this role, she was promoted to a SPAR Supermarket manager in 2019, two months before completing her trainee education with Dagrofa.

Tell us about your store
SPAR Thisted Supermarket opened its doors under the SPAR brand in 2015, having been converted from another brand in the Dagrofa group. The store has an experienced team of 20 people, made up of 5 full-time and 15 part-time employees, many of whom worked in the previous store. There is an emphasis on fresh departments with a full meat section with typical Danish meat products, a bakery section and good fresh produce offer, complementing dry grocery, all within the 610 square metre supermarket.

The total store range is strengthened with partnerships with local entrepreneurs which ensures that customers can also purchase fresh flowers, a wider range of local baked specialities and freshly produced convenience products sourced from a nearby SPAR Supermarket. We continue to customise the assortment, the concepts, space utilisation and our marketing to best suit the needs of our local shoppers. The community is integral to SPAR Thisted, and we strive to give back to the community we serve. We sell locally produced sausages instore and contribute 5DKK to our local soccer team from each pack sold.

What aspects of your career do you enjoy the most?
I really enjoy taking on the challenges which arise; I love new opportunities and am good at adapting to change. It is very rewarding to work with trainees; supporting them to focus on both practical and academic development, leading up to the point where I hand over responsibility to employees, is a key success factor for motivation and individual development. I also enjoy working with other SPAR stores and managers, sharing knowledge in order to be better together as a team.

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