SPAR Oman organises national Youth Scrabble tournament

April 5, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Responsible retailing

SPAR Oman and renowned A-brand supplier Kellogg’s teamed up recently to organise the Oman Youth Open Scrabble Tournament.

The Championships were truly exciting and a special highlight of the event was a workshop hosted by Karen Richards. Karen is a professional Australian Scrabble player who has participated in numerous Scrabble World Championships. She now devotes her time to travelling the world, coaching young people in the art of playing Scrabble. Her presence and her willingness to hold a workshop was an incredible boon for the Scrabble community in Oman.

During this event, the best youth players in Oman competed against each other, with the aim of claiming numerous age group prizes and the title of Oman Youth Open Scrabble Champion. This event was a unique chance to experience what tournament Scrabble feels like while at the same time developing one’s language skills.

There were different prizes for the age groups for Under 10, Under 13 and Under 18 – ensuring many delighted winners! For adult Scrabble lovers, a tournament was running simultaneously. Participants of both events received prizes, trophies and certificates of participation. The entire competition was a great experience for young and adult Scrabble players in Oman to play competitively.

SPAR Oman has built a reputation in the market for initiatives which have an educational element such as the Scrabble Tournament following on from the successful ‘Bake with Mom’, ‘Healthy Lunchboxes’ and similar activities since launching in 2015.

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