Long and distinguished service recognised with SPAR Van Well Award

June 20, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Awards and prizes, People

  • SPAR Van Well Award to Dr. Gerhard Drexel and Mag. Rudolf Staudinger © SPAR/evatrifft

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  • Dr G Drexel receiving award onstage joined by his wife, SPAR International Chairman Graham O'Connnor and SPAR International CEO Tobias Wasmuht © SPAR/lizzyzaanen

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  • Recognising Rudi Staudinger with van Well award © SPAR/lizzyzaanen

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SPAR International wishes to congratulate SPAR Austria’s Gerhard Drexel and Rudi Staudinger, who were both awarded the Van Well Award during this year’s SPAR International Congress, held in Amsterdam from 24-25 May.

The Van Well Award, named after the SPAR founder Adriaan van Well, is granted by the International SPAR Board in an expression of gratitude and appreciation for long and distinguished service to SPAR, benefiting both the wholesale and retail divisions of the organisation.

Gerhard Drexel honoured

The Van Well Award was presented to Dr Gerhard Drexel in the presence of former award recipients and 300 delegates from over 40 SPAR countries.

Former SPAR Austria Group CEO Gerhard Drexel drove the sustained growth of the SPAR Austria Group with great dynamism and energy, culminating in a number one market position in Austria and the creation of a central European retail powerhouse.

Through innovation and the willingness to set new trends, Gerhard Drexel has been a source of inspiration to his global SPAR colleagues during his tenure as a member of the Board of SPAR International. Gerhard Drexel stepped down from this position in 2021. His position on the SPAR International Board was taken over by his SPAR Austria Group successor, Fritz Poppmeier, in May 2021. Gerhard Drexel is Chairman of SPAR Austria’s Supervisory Board.

Rudi Staudinger recognised

Rudolf Staudinger dedicated his career to the growth of SPAR in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia. His decisive and dynamic leadership set the highest standards of international retail best practices and provided inspiration and learning for SPAR colleagues worldwide.

His openness and belief in the SPAR principle of collaboration have provided invaluable support to new SPAR members joining the worldwide SPAR organisation and, in turn, have accelerated the brand’s growth internationally. He stepped down from his position at the end of 2020, at the same time as Gerhard Drexel.

Rudi Staudinger was unable to attend the award ceremony but had sent a message of thanks to the International SPAR Board for this recognition which was shown during the event.

Source: SPAR International, SPAR Austria