Local Champion: Stef Nuyts, SPAR Lambrechts, Belgium

February 18, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles

Stef Nuyts is a SPAR Lambrechts retailer from Belgium whose family ties with SPAR date back to 1985. We spoke to Stef about his successful SPAR enterprise and how the family business has developed and grown over the last 34 years.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

I’m a third-generation retailer and run two SPAR Supermarkets together with my sisters, Linda and Annick. Both stores are located in the north of Belgium, close to the Dutch border. The first was opened by my grandparents in Oostmalle in 1947 and rebranded to SPAR in 1985, while the second was launched in 1991 in Vlimmeren, just a 4km drive away. In total, our team consists of 45 enthusiastic colleagues.

What makes your stores stand out from the competition?

We’re famous in the region for our fresh departments with our freshly baked breads and large assortment of fruits & vegetables drawing in shoppers. The real “star” in both stores however, is our own instore artisanal deli and butchery – offering fresh meats, cheeses and home-made specialties. On a daily basis, we provide everything for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In addition to our home-made meals, meats and deli foods, we offer a large selection of locally-sourced products, including Belgian beer and ice cream. We are proud to promote local products and consider this an important way of staying connected with the community we serve.

We’re a local supermarket brand with a long history in the area, so local products do make up a big part of our image.

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