‘Let’s Help Together’: SPAR Slovenia donates food to people in need

January 27, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Responsible retailing

SPAR Slovenia, SPAR customers, and the charity Ana Star in December joined forces in the 10th edition of the ‘Let's Help Together’ campaign to brighten up the holidays for families in need. During the one-month campaign, SPAR customers collected 45 tonnes of food in SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, and SPAR Slovenia donated food products worth €15,000. Ana Star prepared the food packages and delivered these to 1,000 Slovenian families.

SPAR Slovenia and Ana Star celebrate 10th anniversary

SPAR’S ‘Let’s Help Together’ charity campaign has been running for a decade in the month of December, during which time visitors of SPAR and INTERSPAR stores can donate food with a longer shelf life to Ana Star’s tagged cart.

Ana Lukner Roljič, the founder of Ana Star and initiator of the project, said: “Ana Star has been successfully expanding its mission for many years. So far, we have helped more than 280,000 families, not keeping a single cent for ourselves, as we are all volunteers. We are sincerely grateful to SPAR Slovenia for the annual support and the generous donation.”

SPAR Slovenia General Manager David Kovačič added: “We are happy to awaken true values together, unite people in the spirit of solidarity, and enable a dignified holiday for all.”

SPAR Slovenia’s charity campaigns in December

December was a month of giving for the SPAR country operator.

At the beginning of December, SPAR thanked health workers in seven Slovenian hospitals for their dedication during the pandemic and donated a total of 70 hand-made SPAR Premium cakes from the SPAR bakery. Three hundred employees of the University College Ljubljana were invited to a lunch made with local ingredients.

SPAR Slovenia also supported the Association of Friends of Youth Moste-Polje by preparing gift packages with necessities for 20 families in need.

As part of its traditional Christmas campaign, SPAR Slovenia collected toys and donated them to three charitable organisations to cheer up children who could not spend the holidays at home due to medical treatment needs. In 2021, the chosen charities were the Križemrok Humanitarian Society, helping children and families in need; the Viljem Julijan Society, dedicated to children suffering from rare diseases; and the Heroes of the 3rd floor, supporting young hemato-oncology patients.

Source: SPAR Slovenia

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About SPAR Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia, operated by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG), was founded in 1991. ASPIAG is a subsidiary of SPAR Austria AG. SPAR has become a key employer in the country. A Distribution Centre, bakery, and corporate-owned stores provide employment opportunities.

SPAR Slovenia operates three store formats: SPAR, SPAR Supermarkets, and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets. The brand is one of the most trusted companies in the country. Nielsen research has placed SPAR first in terms of freshness, quality, and range. The SPAR Bakery has played a vital role in the overall fresh offer in Slovenia and has received excellent customer feedback.