Introducing SPAR Gran Canaria’s ‘SPAR wallet card’ – a quick and secure new payment method

August 18, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing, Responsible retailing

SPAR Gran Canaria has introduced a new way for customers to pay for their groceries: the ‘SPAR wallet card’. This secure and efficient payment method is available for companies, associations, and institutions. The prepaid cards are intended for corporate use but can also be gifted to, for example, team members or stakeholders. The cards can be used at 190 SPAR stores spread over Gran Canaria’s 21 municipalities. 

The ‘SPAR wallet card’ can be fully tailored to purchasers’ needs: A customised operating system enables purchasers to choose the value on the cards as well as a spend-by date. They can also pre-select the locations at which the card can be used, as well as the products that can be purchased. 

Beyond offering ease to end-users, SPAR Gran Canaria hopes that the ‘SPAR wallet card’ will also support participating stores by boosting sales. Moreover, the data gained from the use of these corporate cards will help both the purchasing organisations and the stores gain a better understanding of corporate needs and spending. 

With this new initiative, SPAR Gran Canaria continues to implement innovative services for the benefit of the Canarian society. 

Source: SPAR Spain

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About SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain was founded in 1959 as a result of the coming together of a group of wholesalers who wished to be part of an international organisation. The brand became the first voluntary trading chain to be established in Spain.

The head office is located in Barcelona, providing buying, marketing, communication and brand support to the 13 regional partners, continuing the expansion of the brand across the country.

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