INTERSPAR bakeries now throughout Austria!

May 11, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

  • INTERSPAR Austria's instore bakeries can now be found nationwide

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  • The wonderful selection of breads and pastries in the INTERSPAR bakery

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  • INTERSPAR Hypermarkets offer tasty traditional breads

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INTERSPAR Hypermarkets are delighted to be able to bring instore bakeries to customers nationwide. A great advantage for customers is that in addition to a wide selection of oven-fresh delicacies, INTERSPAR Hypermarkets offer tasty traditional large breads. Furthermore, at INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, as part of the expanded services, it is now possible to buy part loaves as well as whole loaves of the improved range.

Eight company owned bakeries deliver daily oven-fresh delicacies not only to the INTERSPAR Hypermarkets but also to SPAR and EUROSPAR Supermarkets. The baked goods are made exclusively from Austrian flour which ensures that INTERSPAR is the only national retail baker in Austria. Within the scope of pioneering instore bakeries, part of the production is carried out instore.

“We want to inspire our customers – not only with taste but also with the craftsmanship of our bakers. In all INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, customers can now experience the art of baking by instore bakeries. Our customers can see as we ferment and bake our breads and pastries. This clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. We do not just crisp up our baking goods, we actually bake it instore”, said a spokesperson of INTERSPAR Austria.

As is customary in bakeries, customers are now able to taste for themselves the products instore. “If customers want to, we even cut individual slices and put the slice of bread in plain paper”, explains INTERSPAR Head of Bakery Dieter Erich Schranz.

Regional and seasonal delicacies for local customers

Austrians are particularly selective when it comes to breads and pastries. Each region has its own recipes, tastes and preferences. “Through our eight company owned bakeries, which we operate all over Austria, we are able to meet our customers’ needs and prepare fresh bread and bakery specialties. In addition, the bread and bakery range is supplemented by local bakeries. Under the local initiative “The best from home”, 100 bakers are currently supplying nearby INTERSPAR Hypermarkets with regional specialties to complement the existing offer.

Bakery atmosphere instore

In addition to new breads, customers also notice INTERSPAR’s focus on bakery through the new design in stores. Fermentation cabinets and ovens are placed just behind the sales counter. Rustic shelves, wooden crates and white tiles create an authentic bakery atmosphere – just like at the bakery around the corner.

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