INTERSPAR Austria donates €58,000 to children with incurable skin disease

October 11, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Health, Responsible retailing

INTERSPAR Austria recently presented a cheque for €58,000 to the EB House in Salzburg – the world’s first specialist clinic for children living with the genetic, and so far incurable, disease Epidermolysis bullosa (EB). INTERSPAR has been supporting DEBRA Austria, founded in 1995 as a self-help group for those affected by EB, for 15 years. Customers, colleagues and INTERSPAR Austria have raised a total of €629,500 during this period for the association.

The donation is derived from the sales proceeds of butterfly-shaped brioche decorated with sugar pearls baked in INTERSPAR bakeries and sold nationwide. Also known as ‘butterfly children’, those suffering from EB have skin as vulnerable as the wings of a butterfly.

“For 15 years now, our team members in the bakeries and in our hypermarkets have been supporting our charity campaign with great commitment. The impressive donation of a total of € 629,500 would not be possible without our customers and I would like to thank them for that generous support”, said INTERSPAR Austria Managing Director Johannes Holzleitner.

The cooperation between INTERSPAR and DEBRA Austria helps to provide competent medical care to EB patients. The donation supports the operation of the EB House, the outpatient clinic, research, the academy, and the study centre. “Clinical studies are also an important focus of our work. Supporting affected parents is also a major concern for us, as well as alleviating the after-effects and concomitant symptoms of EB. The EB House is not only a leading research centre, but also a place of refuge for those affected and their relatives”, explained the Medical Director of the University Clinic for Dermatology in Salzburg, University Professor Dr Johann Bauer.

From 8 September until the end of this year, 100% of the sales proceeds of this brioche will again be donated to support the ‘butterfly children’ in Austria.

Source: SPAR Austria

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