Innovative partnership for sustainable transport entered by SPAR Ireland

July 31, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Supply Chain

BWG Foods, holder of the licence for SPAR in Ireland, enters into an innovative partnership with Coca-Cola and Dixon International Transport to use fully electric Heavy Goods Vehicles (e-HGVs) for selected deliveries to its distribution centre in Dublin.

The groundbreaking partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions by 229 tonnes annually, equivalent to powering 29 homes for one year. The e-HGVs, boasting a range of 300km, are considered among the best in Europe and will be powered by 100% renewable electricity from Dixon International Transport’s new 500kw solar panel array.

Electric powered fleet

The initiative involves the delivery of Coca-Cola HBC beverages using these e-HGVs from Lisburn, Co. Antrim, to BWG’s National Distribution Centre in Dublin. From there, BWG Foods will employ its electric fleet for final delivery to SPAR, EUROSPAR and SPAR Express stores across the country.

This pilot project, starting with three fully electric Volvo HGVs, serves as a template for a more sustainable supply chain. It demonstrates how producers, retailers, and hauliers can collaborate to achieve decarbonization goals.

Innovative partnership

Alan Crawford, Trading Director, BWG Foods said: “This partnership is an exciting next step in our transition away from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable options. We have already invested significantly in reducing our own emissions across our distribution operations and now we are pioneering partnerships that will extend our positive impact even deeper into our supply chain. Our consumers increasingly value genuine progress in environmental sustainability so we will continue to work with suppliers and partners so that together we can increase the pace of innovation and reduce emissions across the sector.”

Overall, this partnership highlights the role of electric vehicles and renewable energy in fostering a more eco-friendly and efficient logistics sector.

Source: BWG Foods

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About SPAR Ireland

SPAR Ireland was established in 1963. It is operated by a leading wholesale and retail company, BWG Foods, now a subsidiary of SPAR Group Ltd Southern Africa.

With a presence across the Republic of Ireland, SPAR is one of the country’s largest convenience retail groups. In developing the business, SPAR Ireland has a long track record of recognising the strategic importance of new retail concepts. It operates three of the four SPAR formats: SPAR, EUROSPAR, and SPAR Express. These three formats bring consumers a comprehensive range of innovative products and instore offerings.